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Reju-A-Lawn 1000™ is a revolutionary spray treatment that revitalizes synthetic grass and instantly turns existing faded turf perfectly green. Our special turf spray consists of a proprietary environmentally safe green grass pigment that instantly turns faded artificial grass blades perfectly green.


Rejuv-A-Lawn 1000™

About Us

The Mirage Group of affiliated companies has been in in the business of manufacturing and distributing artificial/synthetic turf grass since 1998. Mirage is one of the world innovators of artificial lawn grass and synthetic putting green turf. Our grass turf models are sold through a network of hundred of licensed independent dealers strategically based throughout the world and in nearly every environment!

Renew your old ugly artificial lawn grass using Rejuv a lawn treatment.

This spray on application has a built-in proprietary pigment colorant, coupled with its stabilizer that brings back the color to renew your faded artificial grass.

  • Works on all green colored artificial grass
  • Instant Results
  • Concentrated formula
  • 15 to 1 ratio (for most applications)
  • Water-based environmentally safe non toxic
  • Covers approximately 1000 square feet per concentrated gallon (depending upon wind conditions)
  • Easy application using battery operated backpack pump sprayer
  • Fragrance smells like freshly mowed real grass
  • UV formulated for added ultraviolet protection
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